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View Diary: Oracle opposes $1200 annual H-1b fee for $15,000 scholarships to American engineering students (63 comments)

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  •  Don't teach C++ (1+ / 0-)
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    Another of the problems I see is in our professional education system. Many schools don't educate engineers - they train coders. The problem with that is that coding is really a mechanical skill, no more skilled than carpentry. It is also what tech schools in India are cranking out in great numbers - which is why outsourcing is so popular.

    One thing I've learned from being a student and teacher (as a TA) of Computer Science - the students want to learn C++, but we should never actually teach them C++.

    If they have to be taught to program, teach Scheme or ML or Pascal. Once they learn to program one of those, forget languages altogether and teach only in pseudo code. The bright ones will learn what they need to learn. The not so bright ones have no business in this business.

    The main problem a COBOL programmer can't or won't learn Ajax is that they were never taught Computer Science in this abstract way. They can't think outside of COBOL.

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