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View Diary: Oracle opposes $1200 annual H-1b fee for $15,000 scholarships to American engineering students (63 comments)

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  •  Larry Ellison, just another rich monopolist (0+ / 0-)

    I'm really amazed at how naive members of the American  press, public and politics are re. the motivations of people like Larry Ellison at Oracle, Bill Gates at Microsoft, Scott McNealy at Sun Microsystems, Sam Palmisano at IBM, Carly Fiorina formerly of Hewlett-Packard and Mark Hurd presently of HP... All of these people pursue the same sort of policies that leaders of industrial/manufacturing firms: labor arbitrage -- replacing "expensive" middle class (lower middle to upper middle income)workers with low wage workers elsewhere in the world. These alleged "innovators" got rich from selling products and services created by American workers. Now, they throw American workers out like trash and lie about "shortages of skilled and educated workers". What a fraud. Whatever work these high-tech corporate leaders can't send offshore, they want to import low wage, "compliant" labor to perform.

    I'm just so sick of all the lies. Once, I worked for a "Fortune 500" technology and services company doing IT work -- had my hand on some of the most valuable revenue generating systems. Now, that company has moved most of its engineering offshore and uses non-citizen H-1bs in the U.S. whenever possible. The company stock has gone up and the managers and investors are making handsome returns but many of their former American IT workers have been forced into early, unplanned retirements, part-time non-IT service jobs. What an incredibly cold, callous and socially irresponsible course of action.

    Larry Ellison is now doing the same thing at Oracle.

    Lost your job to free trade, outsourcing or non-immigrant visa workers yet?

    by Info Tech Guy on Wed May 30, 2007 at 03:57:13 PM PDT

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