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View Diary: Marines investigates Iraq vet for wearing cammos at protest (286 comments)

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  •  This story really disturbs me (7+ / 0-)

    Clearly, this is all about intimidation to silence a U S Citizen.  Sorry, but I thought freedom of speech was protected in the Constitution.  Silly me.  So the government wants to punish a U S Citizen for exercising their constitutional rights?  Isn't that illegal, and can't the government official who is doing it be sued and/or prosecuted?  The ACLU should jump on this.  Even if he's in the reserves, he's only tangentally attached to the military and they have no say over him except to call him up if they need him.  He is a private citizen now with all the rights that entails, and not a member of the military.

    If they start prosecuting everyone who has ever worn cammies, they'd have to prosecute a whole lot of people.  You can buy cammies at thrift stores, surplus stores, yard sales...  A lot of people like to wear them just because and it has nothing to do with the military, nor does the military have any right to say anything about what that person does while wearing their surplus fatigues.

    This really, really BURNS me!!

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