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  •  some things never change (2+ / 0-)
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    One Pissed Off Liberal, Catrina

    In recent times, I can't help but think about the
    Bhagavad-Gita and the realization that this struggle, this endless war, this strife and suffering have always existed and will always exist as part of the duality of human existence.

    This suffering and horror of war.
    The pain and struggle against formidable enemies bent on destroying all that is good and righteous.

    It has always been
    in some form or another.

    I have no more righteous anger left.
    No more rage for this fucked up machine.

    If humanity is on a self destruct course, there ain't shit most of us can do about it.

    I am not suprised by the capitulation and enabling of the Dem Party.

    disgusted yes.

    dismayed, of course.

    but suprised?

    not at all.

    Nader was right about one thing:

    Dem/Repub = NO Difference.

    Hence the fuckedupedness of the entire situation we find ourselves in today.

    And remember folks, this "war" was started by BOTH parties based on lies and warmongering fearmongering bullshit.  Neither party is going to pull the plug on this b/c they want it to continue.

    It really is all about the oil, what is left of it, and who gets it.

    All the rest is smoke and mirrors.

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