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View Diary: I'm Plotting to Blow Up LAX (265 comments)

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  •  a terrorist broke one... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...of my bicycle spokes really!  

    it was after 9.11, i was riding my bike away from mecca, going north...the road was smooth, but, all at once, i hit a bumpy spot! and, sure enough, i heard the distinct 'pop' sound used by the liberation tigers of tamil eelam...i am sure of it!

    being a post 9.11 mindset, i immediately grabbed at my duct tape and my plastic lining.  i found a safe spot, wrapped my bike and myself with plastic and duct tape and called the fbi...

    they found me, took my bike away, and soon arrested fourteen tamil tigers who happened to ride bicylcles.

    they were taken to syria where all died from being chained to a radiator in their cells and beaten with bike chains...

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