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View Diary: I'm Plotting to Blow Up LAX (265 comments)

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  •  But Dems are willing to jump on board..... (1+ / 0-)
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    Judge Moonbox

    Schumer is using this cluster-fuck of incompetent wannabee "terrorist" planning - along with the Fort Dix absurdity - to claim that these REAL threats prove that NY deserves more Homeland Security money.

    Now, I'll agree that if we're throwing aroung millions in pork for "security" that NYC is far more deserving than Nebraska, BUT citing these "plots" as if they were serious threats only reinforces the Bushco "BE AFRAID!" mantra.  Grow up Schumer and stop playing politics.  Bush is the bigger threat, stop playing his game.

    The reality is that there simply aren't that many "terrorists" capable of taking any serious action, most of those wanting to get even with evil America find it easier to do so in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere (and get away scot free) and ............ time for a reality check .........all that "Homeland Security" pork is being fed to red state Republicans irrespective of real threats or needs.....

    It's ALL politics - nothing more!!!!!

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