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    After succesful smuggling of a measurable amount of explosives on board a trans-Atlantic flight, in London!  I must tell you how to do it.

    Not in your shoes.  Not in your pockets.  But a knapsack is OK.

    Some time ago authorities figured that propane gas could be used, so succesively passangers were restricted to two cigarette lighters, one, and then there were none.  Thus it came to pass that somewhere in the continental Europe I have purchased a 10-pack of match boxes.

    Six boxes were in my suitcase, one in the pants pocket, three in the knapsack.  On a checkpoint, after patting my pockets, a box of matches was discovered, and, per the latest regulations, confiscated.  Ouch!  there go 3 E cents, or 4 US cents.  With inhuman effort I stopped my lips before replying "no problem, I have plenty more in the knapsack", while knapsack was going through the X-ray machine.

    Apparently, X-rays are not too good in discovering matches.  What remains is some plan to explode a fuel storage facility with a 10-pack of match boxes.

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