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  •  I want to add another little story- (9+ / 0-)

    I once gave a homeless man asking for money in front of a hamburger joint a couple of dollars for food.  He was very engaging and a very optimist soul.  The next day, I ran into him again in a different area of town.  When he asked if I had any spare change, I said to him, "I gave you some money yesterday."  He responded by saying, "You know, I need to eat every day."

    Well! Slap my forehead.  

    We both howled with laughter.  I loved that guy.  
    I hope that somewhere, he is still laughing.

    •  last week (3+ / 0-)
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      I was walking to car with hubby and son. My little 7 yr old was playing with the change in his pocket and dropped all over the sidewalk and street. I helped him retrieve as much as we could safely and held on to it. A well known pan handler approached us asking for spare change. I gave him what I had and hubby pointed out there was more behind us. I hope he used it for food. My son was disappointed that I gave away his money but I think he learned to help those less fortunate than us.

      On another note, I'm really saddened to learn about station wagon; I did not know she was so ill.  I lost a good, young friend to liver cancer last year. I still grieve for her. Rest in peace station wagon.

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