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  •  What is personal is for him and him alone (11+ / 0-)

    There doesn't have to be a dilemma or a choice as you've laid out here because he already said that he believes the president of the United States should never use his personal belief system in imposing that belief system on the rest of the country.

    •  If you don't use your personal beliefs (0+ / 0-)

      when you lead a nation, then what are those beliefs based on? Wishful thinking? A lie? Or is it just another pro-Edwards diary trying to now use Christianity to make their candidate look more moral than his opponents? What's wrong with Obama's faith, Richardson's faith, even Pat Paulsen's faith when he was running for president as a comedian? I'm glad I'm not a Christian and have to make my vote based on whose more of a moral Christian. I'm not too impressed when candidates pull their religion out their pockets to win votes. I always think that's the time they show their desperation. It always strikes me as sanctimonious clap trap. "I'm a better candidate because I have a deeper faith than my competition". Edwards has a lot to offer re: the issues, not religion. All the candidates have faith. They're all good people (although some may not be living on planet earth anymore). The differences between them in order to vote for them should have nothing to do with something they all share, their abiding faith in Christianity.

      •  Did you see the discussion tonight? (7+ / 0-)

        Did you think candidates were competing for the "holiest"?????  If so, you missed it.

        The Republican Party - supporting life right up until birth.

        by annefrank on Mon Jun 04, 2007 at 08:11:55 PM PDT

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      •  Your disrespect for my work in not appreciated (0+ / 0-)

        Or is it just another pro-Edwards diary trying to now use Christianity to make their candidate look more moral than his opponents?

        I'm not sure what posesses some of us to lash out in this manner toward a fellow poster.

        I have moderated the "God's Politics" Book Club at the One America Committee [2005] and I have participated in Sojourners activities. This is not a Johnny-come-lately blog and I am insulted by your tone and disrespect toward the rare diary that I've posted here.

        When you say all candidates have faith, you are saying that every person is the same as another and that you don't care how they make their decisions or who they are as human beings. I do not join you in that opinion.

    •  But he does use his personal beliefs because (0+ / 0-)

      he has repeatedly said that he opposes gay marriage.  So how can he lead the country to that goal?  He has said that he will support separate but equal civil unions.  We all know how "separate but equal" has worked out in the past.

      If you don't have an earth-shaking idea, get one, you'll love building a better world.

      by hestal on Tue Jun 05, 2007 at 02:32:00 AM PDT

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