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    aitchdee, irishwitch

    You have to do some kind of a calcualtion -- on the one hand, you can do what he did. There are a lot of people who are a lot more liberal than your normal Dobsonite fundies and who are born-agains. What they want out of you is your ability to express your faith openly. I know plenty of people like that. They vote based on how open they see the two candidates as talking about their faith. That is why Carter won the South and why Bush won the South -- although I hasten to add that Bush was pandering to them blatantly.

    But on the other, one statistic that I have noticed is that athiests and agnostics and pagans and witches and other alternative faiths are our fastest-growing group of supporters. So, if Clinton supports any ban on gay marriage, then she is going to get her comeuppance in the next election. The question is, do you ignore the people of alternative faiths, do you try to find a way to appeal to both, or do you ignore the evangelicals?

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