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  •  Clean Elections - AZ (none)
    If they  succeed in the  ballot initiative   (which will de-fund  Clean  Elections, rendering it moot), it will hurt  the  Dems some (Janet  Napolitano  just barely   beat her GOP opponent and she was clean elections, he wasn't) but what it will hurt more is the notion of public financing for CE. If it dies in AZ, that could well be the end of hope for it to spread.

    Clean Elections really works here! It gets candidates to solicit those small donations from average citizens. Which means they listen to US for a change.

    The Goopers don't want that, naturally. So they harp on their old "goddamn gummint is wasting your money!" argument (who are THEY to  talk?).

    I know someone working on pro-Clean Elections and he/she is very distressed that the campaign to defeat the initiative, will not be run well.

    •  GOP hates CE (none)
      You know what really sticks in the craw of Arizona Goopers re: Clean Elections?

      Even though a number of their candidates were CE and won (including SecState, 2nd highest office,equiv to Lt. Gov), they barely lost the governorship to Napolitano, a CE candidate. They feel like they bought it fair and square. Her opponent, Matt Salmon, was also fined for violating the CE laws.

      Over a third of our GOP-controlled Legislature were CE candidates.

    •  Napolitano will be fine, but... (none)
      She has quietly amassed an impressive fundraising machine to match her desire for higher office.  Clean elections insiders were quite worried that she'd NOT run as a clean candidate this time around.

      The real effect from destroying clean elections will be felt down-ballot.  Radical republicans will more easily be able to defeat the moderate ones in primaries, and groups like the Club for Growth will gain more influence and a legion of officeholders beholden to their cause.

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