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    In fact, the State of Arizona almost certainly determines the format of the petitions.

    Go the website of the Arizona Secretary of State, there you'll find links to some of the forms used for gathering petitions. Interestingly enough, there's no link to the form for a Nonpartisan Nomination Petition (what Nader is presumably distributing), but such a form does exist on the website, you can download it here.

    Couple points about this: First, like most states, Arizona dictates what these petitions look like. It's not up to the candidate or the petition gathering organization.  Secondly, if Nader's name was not at the top of the petition, chances are this is because the petition had to be for presidential elector the "office" for which people actual vote in November. Is this ridiculous? You bet. Blame the Electoral College system and Arizona's election laws, not Nader, the GOP, or the signature gatherers.  Third, the fact that this petition form has no link to it, and that I have had to speculate about some of this because the Secretary of State's website appears to have no information whatsoever about the procedures for getting an independent candidate on the ballot for president is just more proof of how entirely unfair Arizona's ballot access system is.

    (Full disclosure, yet again: I am deadset against Nader's 2004 presidential run, but opposition to Nader does not justify our undemocratic ballot access laws.)

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