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  •  not that easy (none)
    it's far more difficult to set up a petition gathering effort without simply paying a firm, especially in midst of a campaign.  It involves hiring dozens and dozens of people, setting up several offices, putting together paper systems, etc.  It'll be ludicrous for a candidate's campaign committee to waste time doing stuff like that.  As much as I hate paid signature gathering firms, they're in business for a reason.
    •  Wow (none)
      Getting on a ballot requires a campaign with people and offices?

      If he actually were a serious candidate, wouldn't he have that kind of stuff already?

      --- My opinions are my own and not my employer's.

      by Aexia on Mon Jun 21, 2004 at 03:08:05 PM PDT

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      •  Election Barbie (4.00)
        "Wow this politics stuff is HARD!"
      •  series candidate (none)
        What I'm saying is that campaigns spend time constructing and running campaigns, not creating their own signature gathering firms.  This includes not just third party and independent candidates like Nader, but also Democrats and Republicans.  

        An example--the Dem chair for AZ spent $600k of his own cash to get a proposition passed on the 2000 ballot.  He didn't worry about creating his own organization, he simply hired the main petition gathering firm in town--the same one that had also collected signatures for lots of conservative-backed props (and was simultaneously collecting signatures for a really crappy corporate-welfare/anti-consumer prop for Qwest).  What Nader did to get on the ballot is standard operating procedure in politics today.

        Series candidates wouldn't waste important resources on re-inventing the wheel when it comes to petition gathering--they'd just hire whatever firm they could.

        •  Reality Alert! (none)
          Pay attention here folks. This is how it is dne by one and all. Whining about Nader doing it is begging the issue.

          The problem really is that he is getting on the ballot, not how he (or some contractor) is getting signatures.

          The substance of this thread shows that as well.

          Some people don't support change, others do.

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