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  •  Ibid, op cit (none)
    Sources, please?  I'm getting tired of innuendo.  
    •  For which? (none)
        Obviously the piggybacking on initiatives that Nader -- theoretically -- wouldn't support was what this thread was about.

       As for Nader's charity...well, I figured any Nader supporter would tend to notice when Nader popped up in the news, but just to help out.

      Here you go. I just grabbed the first news article I saw, but a quick Google News search for "Nader Charity political campaign" pulls up a number of stories -- from mainstream news sources.

      Since October, Ralph Nader has run his campaign for president out of the same downtown Washington offices that through April housed a public charity he created -- an overlap that campaign finance specialists said could run afoul of federal laws.

      Tax law explicitly forbids public charities from aiding political campaigns. Violations can result in a charity losing its tax-exempt status. In addition, campaign law requires candidates to account for all contributions -- including shared office space and resources, down to the use of copying machines, receptionists and telephones.

      Records show many links between Nader's campaign and the charity Citizen Works. For example, the charity's listed president, Theresa Amato, is also Nader's campaign manager. The campaign said in an e-mail to The Washington Post that Amato resigned from the charity in 2003. But in the charity's most recent corporate filing with the District, in January, Amato listed herself as the charity's president and registered agent.

      It's entirely possible that everything Nader did is 100% legal....but the problem is that it's this sort of perception that Nader campaigns against.

        Nader's always struck me as being very against even the appearance of political impropriety. So doing something like this strikes me as...well...hypocrtical.

      •  Digging for dirt (none)
        I thought so.  This is an old political trick -- throw some mud and blame the target for the muddy "perception".  This does not even rise to the level of "Phonegate" does it?  

        The shared-space arrangement was vetted by an outside lawyer and is legal, Nader said, because his campaign has paid Citizen Works fair market value to rent office space and buy furniture.

        "You can search until kingdom come," Nader said. "You'll find no cross-subsidies here."

        I doubt they will.  Don't you agree?  

        And for this latest "gotcha", the AZ "getting on the ballot gate", I would still like sources.  Kos cited none yet, so until he does to me it's gossip.  Like I've said elsewhere, I'm concerned.  But I truly doubt Nader is involved in setting 9-pt type, and it looks far more like the small partisan jabbing Nader has taken for years now.  

        All the energy the Dems are spending to get this guy!  Trying to paint a man of integrity like an immoral, stupid hustler.  What a great way to lose allies....

        Don't be a sucker and fall for smears alone.  The anti-Nader mob is big enough.  Remember that Nader -- love him or hate him -- is in a game designed to prevent challengers.  He's already unfairly been made the scapegoat for the last election and vitriol for him is in the air.  

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