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  •  Nader and coalitions (none)
    Nader has built bridges successfully with the Greens because the Greens have been open to it.  The latest sign of solidarity is very bold indeed, appointing a Green as his running mate.

    In my experience so far, Kerry-supporters seem insanely against it -- they seem to have bought their own smears, that he's an "egomaniac" out to "destroy democracy" itself.  

    Fortunately Kerry seems more open than they.  He's at least met with Nader and had nice things to say.  The bigger problem with Kerry is so far he's refrained from offering much of any sort of bold, positive vision of his own -- political coalitions aside.  I hope he gets creative soon and announces joint press conferences with Nader for IRV, open debates, plus all the anti-Bush stuff they have in common.  I guarantee Nader would welcome it, as he has with the Greens.

    Right now, I'm more optimistic Kerry will do something like this -- he is still a senator -- than his most vocal supporters.  The anti-Nader stink is in the air, it's embarrassing, unproductive, and it reeks.  I think Kerry has the power clear the air and thereby prove himself a true leader -- I hope it's not too late.  

    •  Once again... (none)
      What has Nader done to form partnerships and coalitions? Is he working with any progressive organizations other than the Green Party? What did Nader offer Kerry at their meeting -- did he offer Kerry his endorsement in return for anything? Has he done any campaigning or fundraising for progressive candidates? What has he accomplished since 2000 in terms of his signature issues (whatever those are now, I don't follow him closely)?

      Howard Dean is where Nader was four years ago -- at the end of a failed presidential campaign. In the past three months, Dean has founded Democracy for America, established partnerships with 21st Century Democrats, Wellstone Action and SEIU, endorsed dozens of progressive Democratic candidates, and raised over $500,000 for John Kerry. What has Nader done since 2000 except get ready for his next presidential run? (And I'm asking that sincerely.)

      People power can still beat money power, when the people get stirred up enough. —Molly Ivins

      by Utah for Dean on Mon Jun 21, 2004 at 08:53:37 PM PDT

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      •  Nader and grassroots work (none)
        Nader's involvement with grassroots organizations is very deep, well beyond and pre-dating Greens.  He has done campaigning and fundraising for candidates for years, Senator Wellstone being just one example.  

        That's the short answer:  this lame and recent attempt to portray him as an egomaniac ignores his lifelong career of being a tireless advocate for common citizens, individually or in non-corporate coalitions.  

        For the longer answer see and

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