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  •  Too bad (none)
    I thought that if/when I get US citizenship, I would happily get to support Camejo in some state level race. He was good in the gubernatorial race - not that hard considering the other candidates.

    But now he is working for the Bush campaign. Fool. Coalition building? Wrong coalition. I hope the Greens as a party won't get behind this ploy.

    •  Another voter gives up (none)
      So sour....  Don't be!  A vote for Camejo/Nader is a vote for Camejo/Nader.  Truly.  It is certainly not a vote for Cheney/Bush.  Truly!

      I know what you mean, though.  I have heard before this bumper sticker "truism" that you are quoting to me.  

      Don't be discouraged -- it's wrong.  There's a way out of the pluralistic dilemma that has everybody's panties in a knot.  It has to do with SIMPLY VOTING FOR whom you want rather than CALCULATINGLY VOTING AGAINST whom you don't want.  So elegant!  So democratic!  Vote for Camejo/Nader and feel empowered and the joy of voting for courageous candidates of principle, boldness, and integrity.  

      Fear and the limited choices do creep in, though.  What do we do?  If you're in a state where it's a very tight race and you worry Bush could take the state, that means you really want to vote for Kerry, too.  So advocate strongly for instant runoff voting...  and in the meantime cast your single, forced, calculated vote for Kerry.  But only if you feel you must.  

      And don't resent Camejo, who does advocate tirelessly for voter empowerment, instant runoff voting, and voting reform.  Resent those who limit your choices.  

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