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  •  Dems in the West (none)
    are against public water planning, pro-sprawl, promote high-tech military and massive water consumers, support and defend the militarization of our local economies, undermine the Endangered Species Act, prefer "business as usual" during the drought than planning to do something about it, oppose new urbanism and wholisitic planning, are bought and paid for by real estate developers and home builders.

    It's not about nominating petitions that we are forced to scramble for to get on the ballot. It's about who talks for whom? If you have to oppose people in a party because they oppose the policies and proposals that you support, maybe you are just in the wrong party. If they hear developers before they listen to you, maybe you should try something else. They will hear you when you get the support you need to make yourself heard.

    Just remember running on no platform, gets you nothing in return. Work for what you want, and you might just get it. It's the American way. Why vote for people who don't support us?

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