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    terrapin station84

    I hope to come back soon so we can rack up another 60 minutes together.  There will be interesting ebbs and flows in this campaign that we can explore together.

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      So far I am impressed with the level of candor you have displayed here and the positions you have taken on several issues.  Maybe next time we'll get around to my question regarding your thoughts on the Patriot Act?  I would like to be able to tell my friends that you are for the repealing of the Patriot Act.  It's a good selling point.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, "those who would trade their liberties for security, deserve neither".  Or something like that, anyway.  I realize that many of the Urban areas in Idaho are a given for us, but if I can generate excitement among my friends, it will build and grow and spread to rural areas.  Besides, 'Libertarian' Idaho is generally against invasions of privacty and affronts to liberty.  Just some thoughts. . .

      I will be visiting your site and making a donation on the next pay period.  And I don't make a whole lot, so consider that a compliment.

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