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  •  I am reminded of a story by a WWI vet (3+ / 0-)

    who told of his unit being told that the Armastace had been signed and one of the signalmen firing off a flaregun to celebrate.
    However he managed to fire the gun so the flare took off his head. Ending a war even one death sooner is significant if the death is yours.

    •  In WWI, the Armistice was held back for hours... (0+ / 0-)

      or days after it had been agreed upon. Woodrow Wilson wanted to ensure that it was announced at the 11th hour of the 11th day, to make some kind of PR splash that might distract from the fact four years of futile war was ended by a simple cease-fire.

      Oh, and Wilson also wanted our troops to have a chance to grab at least a piece of German territory. So the night before the ceasefire was announced, he had the Marines cross the flooded Meuse River in the face of withering fire. A lot of people died that night so Wilson could crow that Americans had taken the fight to Germany.

      For instance, this guy, Oscar Swan.

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