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  •  It's the MIC on display (3+ / 0-)
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    I've done more background work on this than I care to think about both for Occam and for Charles Rogers who was on the hill yesterday as Occam's diary yesterday faded into oblivion. I was stunned because I wrote an entertainment diary that stayed above his. I spent five minutes on mine. He spent weeks putting it togther.

    So I really appreciate you picking this up and front paging it. This is not only about Body Armor, this resistance your seeing to a side by side test is a result of a perceived attack on the cushy and profitable club called The MIC ( The Military Industrial Complex) and their enablers in congress.

    The maker of Dragonskin didn't want to play. His reward? Yesterday the AirForce announced a criminal investigation of him that has been going on over a year for promoting his body armor a full six months before the DOJ announced it had passed it's tests.

    Strange that 1. We would just hear about it now during hearings 2. They had no findings after a year to refer it to the DOJ which I'm sure would have fast tracked it if Pinnacle had spit into the wind sideways if a few R's had made some strategic phone calls.

    Occam has dome one hell of a job weaving this complicated story together. I would just add that, this is symptomatic of a 500 Billion dollar problem we have.

    Here is a Post I made yesterday to OH's diary.

    It can't be emphasized enough (0 / 0)

    They held up two clean silver dollar size pieces of armor to demonstrate that Dragonskin is only strong when they overlap. Yet after 13 claimed penetrations, they didn't have a single piece of naked ( No vest or adhesive covered) armor in fragment form or with a hole in it.

    If one were to prove that Dragonskin was inferior, the only thing they would have to do is the

      1.  Show the penetrating shot (13 of them).

      2.  The video of them ripping the vest covering the adhesive/rubber covering which covers the actual  armored disks.

      3. Holding up the naked holed or fragmented armor which then would have been displayed at the 55 10 minute demonstration.

    What Neal did was Rocket Science in inventing it, what the Pentagon did to try to knock it down was use a multi media presentation so long with so much BS "evidence" omitting the only thing that mattered, the armor. They left off the one piece or 13 pieces by their count  of evidence that would have left no doubt.

    Rather then spend 55 minutes putting together BS, If Dragonskin had failed then 5-10 Minutes would have been more than sufficient with a willingness to let an outsider audit the chain of evidence.

    None of that was given. They hope to overwhelm the media and congressman who don't have knowledge of these things with mass amounts of meaningless evidence.

    As far as the $250,000 for the testing: We pay the money, the soldiers pay with their lives and that applies for much more than just body armor.

    There's many other inventions out there that not only would have brought many of those kids home alive, but if few or none were dying, then retaliations against Iraqis would have been minimal.

    Relations would have been better. There would have been a better chance at resolving this clusterfuck that now threatens our entire economy and world peace.

    The story of DragonSkin is just the tip of the Turd that is  the Military Industrial Complex ( MIC) which has evolved into a 600 Billion dollar money grubbing monster turd.

    Way too many people have gotten wealthy off this war and they couldn't care less that way too many people died. They only care that it continues.

    The D's own a piece of this now since HR-CAPITULATION-1. Lets see that august body of oversight in action.

    I have a feeling the Pentagon understands the stakes all too well as they have been personally briefing congressman all the way up to these hearings.

    I imagine they  came armed with how much of x is being produced in each congressman's district. I'm guessing they focused on the evidence with a junior staff member while  the focus on the new jobs and pork to take home was  held over a fine dinner and drink with the congress critter and the Good General.

    Support the Troops, Impeach Bush
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    by Dburn on Thu Jun 07, 2007 at 07:36:16 AM PDT

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