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View Diary: Book Review: Al Gore's "Assault on Reason" (286 comments)

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    not a good candidate

    he has won 7 elections before.

    He never should have run in 2000.

    We know that the coal industry opposed him in 2000.

    He knows the issues and he'd be a great technocrat, great to head EPA and devise a War on Global Warming, but as a presidential candidate he lacks the charisma and articulation.

    Every time Gore appears on TV, as for example the Oscars, his numbers improve.

    He still wants to be president but he's not going to openly run. He's going to hope that Clinton, Edwards and Obama come to Denver without a majority and he can somehow finagle a brokered convention. Not a likley scenario but it is the only hope for Gore supporters

    That's just your theory.

    who want to see a repeat of the 2000 loss where a glib, photogenic empty suit like Romney beats a wooden and pedantic, technocrat like Gore.

    you're spinning the rightwing trash talking points of Gore. He is'nt the most glib around, but he is sound when he talks, and people like his passion, sincerity as the recent polls show.

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