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  •  More troll hogwash (7+ / 0-)

    Gore helped Clinton heavily in 1992. Clinton was the obscure one when he first surfaced, not Gore, wou won 5 states in 1998 primary as the age of 39.

    Clinton was why Gore even had a shot at the nomination, Gore could never win on his own. Gore was very much like Bush 41, a guy who could never do it on his own, just not the right personality.

    Bullshit. Had Gore run for the nomination in 1992, he would have beat scandal-ridcden Clinton.

    Ironically, it was because Gore abandoned Clinton that he lost in 2000 while Bush 41 embraced Reagan and won in 1988.

    Gore didn't abandon Clinton. He stood by Clinton during impeachment, but kept Clinton at a distance from his campaign because:

    1. Clinton lied to the American public
    1. Clinton had 60-67 personal unfavorable ratings all of 1999-2000, and poll after poll showed that Clinton campaigning would have hurt Gore. Clinton 60% UNfavorable 'as a person': The Clinton factor in 2000
    •  I know Bill Clinton and Al Gore is no Bill (0+ / 0-)

      Bill Clinton is arguably the most charismatic US president since JFK or FDR.  

      Al Gore is the opposite of Bill Clinton (or JFK or FDR).

      You keep pretending Gore is something he's never been.

      •  Sure, Gore didn't mess with interns half (2+ / 0-)
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        bess, 0wn

        his age in the whitehouse.

        Gore is himself, and he is a better leader than Clinton any time of the day.

      •  You're certainly right about that... (0+ / 0-)

        Bill Clinton is arguably the most charismatic US president since JFK or FDR.

        And just where did all that "charisma" get him?  Gore may not be as "charismatic" as Clinton.  But Gore won the popular vote and kept his morals intact.  The same can't be said for William Jefferson Clinton.  

        "The fact that this administration can't manage it's own way out of a horseshow doesn't mean that all government programs should be abolished." - Al Gore

        by 0wn on Sun Jun 10, 2007 at 07:30:53 PM PDT

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