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    Have you noticed that Repubs in Congress (and on cue, the press) started reframing the effort to get out of Iraq immediately following the Congressional cave to Bush?

    Last week, I heard tons of news stories about Repubs talking about getting out of Iraq and drafting bipartisan legislation to do so -- with their names as the primary sponsors, of course. These are the same legislators who the week before voted to give Bush what he wanted with no strings attached.

    I was floored when KO had someone (Jonathan Alter, I think) on talking about the Repub bill and neither of them mentioned that it was only because Dems and the public have been pushing for this for years and because a Congressional election cycle is about to start that Repubs are even thinking about bipartisanship and ending the conflict with Iraq.

    It was all praise for Repubs for finally taking the lead without mentioning that it's because of them that Dems haven't been able to lead since taking the majority in January.

    We can't let them reframe this as Repubs getting us out of Iraq.

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