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  •  Fuck charisma (4+ / 0-)
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    ChemBob, bess, Dianna, 0wn

    Edwards and Obama have not experience to show that they are leaders. If anything, Edwards is the opposite of leadership, given how he promoted the war relentlessly when it was popular (and helped make it popular in turn). Obama has hardly delivered any substantial results  of the presidential caliber for anyone to draw the conclusion that he has th leadership at the level needed.

    You are looking at it from a technocrat standpoint but that is not what political leadership in the best and worst sense is all about.

    I am looking at rational and objetive standpoint. Please stop the "technocratic" nonsense. Are you getting your talking points from neocons?

    It was always overrated. We need leaders that think and will make other think. Al Gore is best equipped to do that.

    •  Everyone wants to that's why it's called charisma (0+ / 0-)

      Courted is probably a better word though.

      •  Gore shook up the race with his convention (1+ / 0-)
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        speech in 2000. Overnight, he went from 10-15 points under to a few points over.

        He rocks the audiences in most of speeches. He is a bit unrelaxed on TV, which can be easily fixed, but despite that Gore is well liked and respected when people get to hear from him, instead of spinners and smearers on Fox News, brought to DKos by the likes of you.

        So Gore has charisma of his own.

        My "fuck charisma" is addressed at vain arguments you're making that we should choose the next leader of the free world based on charisma.

        Like I told you, Obama's unfavorables clocked 44% recently. In the end, the corrupt media and dishonest rhetoric (including yours) is what plagues the political system. Time to reform the whole damn thing.

        Forget charisma, we don't even want so many politicians. We need direct democracy. Thanks to Al Gore's vision about the internet, it is feasible now to do that. We need a few high timber and character leaders to set the stage for a direct democracy (with extremely restricted lobbying, full public financing of elections). It is such reforms that we need to work towards, in addition to fixing the country on so many fronts. Gore is best qualified for all of this.

        Haven't you done enough trolling for a day?

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