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View Diary: Book Review: Al Gore's "Assault on Reason" (286 comments)

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    Boreal Ecologist

    that's a function of economic policy. Certain policies will create unemployment, and people need a safety net. Otherwise very bad things can happen to them.

    Not everyone who is on welfare is personally responsible, or lazy, or a failure, or any of those other screw-you memes the right loves to throw at them.

    When Thatcher destroyed the UK mining industry in the 80s, entire communities were destroyed, sometimes overnight. It was deliberate policy to trade off unemployment against inflation.

    As for safeguards against dictators - no one here is going to disagree with that, I'd guess.

    "Be kind" - is that a religion?

    by ThatBritGuy on Sun Jun 10, 2007 at 04:10:01 PM PDT

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