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  •  While I don't claim ... (0+ / 0-)

    to know a lot about Dr. Moore, to me, his greatest credibility comes from when he decided to break with Greenpeace. His involvement with that organization is a black mark on his past, in my opinion, but it is not that important to me.

    Everyone is allowed to have an idealistic youth, full of good intentions and naive ideas. Those who continue to question and learn and avoid falling into the trap of uncompromising dogma earn my respect, however.

    •  I wouldn't know about naive youth. (1+ / 0-)
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      I have never changed my mind about anything.

      I really know very little about Patrick Moore, even why he is called "Doctor" Moore.   What I do know I don't really like though.   His best friend from what I can tell is my former Governor, who went down to Florida in 2000 to work the chads, was appointed EPA administrator and immediately made it "OK" to drop dangerous fossil fuel waste - including dangerous heavy metals - all over my children, my wife and me.

      That doesn't sit well with me.  

      Another notable "environmental" action of "Doctor" Moore's best friend was to sign off on ignoring climate change for some pixilated vision of "economics."   I am going to bet that climate change is not going to prove "economic."

      I know that "Doctor" Moore is popular with the nuclear industry, but I would submit that continuously talking up the support of the "Founder of Greenpeace" for nuclear energy affords Greenpeace environmental credibility it has neither earned nor deserves.   If the nuclear industry were listening to me, it wouldn't be awarding that credibility.

      Greenpeace is not an environmental organization:   It is a denial organization and an extremely elitist one at that.  

      We do not have too many starving Malians joining Greenpeace, even though it is the Malians - and not the distracted people driving to malls to buy "environmental" calendars - who are suffering the most from environmental destruction.    As I noted in a recent diary, according to the great Kenyan Richard Leakey, there are many Africans who have not seen clear water in their lifetime.   The environmental struggle will be decided by the people who have no water and not by the people who are building "green" McMansions with solar heated swimming pools.   The forests that are disappearing are not the forests being planted in suburban "greening" programs.   They are the forests of Cameroon, the forests of Brazil, the forests of Mexico, the forests of the Central African Republic, the forests of Burundi.   All of humanity, rich and poor alike, have a stake in these forests and they are being burned in part for cooking fuel.

      Even though it is the poor who will decide the environmental fate of the planet, it is precisely these people, the people with no water, who have no food, who have no shelter that Greenpeace wants to ignore and marginalize.

      Frankly it disgusts me when our media continuously refers to Greenpeace as expert on environmental issues, as an authority.   In passing I note that this is the same media that announced that George W. Bush represents "family values," even though there are few people on the planet who have destroyed as many families as George W. Bush has destroyed.

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