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    With the oversight of America's nuclear power facilities? Are you suggesting that the thousands of professionals in the operating organisations, regulatory bodies, INPO, EPRI, etc. just get flushed following an election? (I know, of course you're not...)

    But then what are you suggesting??

    I would suggest that living right next to an operating nuclear power plant is a lot like flying - only many times safer. The operation of the plane, the maintenance, high quality standards, thorough investigations of the slightest near-miss or abnormality, operational and emergency training, etc. are strictly regulated.

    The parallels were frequently tapped in many of the operational/licensing programmes I went through. Do most people ponder the competence of the director of the FAA as they approach the runway? I know I don't, I'm thinking more about the flight crew's checklist or how the plane faired during it's last systems overhaul. Imagine a pilot's attention to detail if his whole family, neighbours plus his dog were on board? As a topic, it's an interesting tangent to pursue if you've got the time.  But they derive power from fossil fuels – and are thus evil. I will waste no more electrons on them.

    Back at the nuclear plants, I suggest, that because nearly all of them live near the facility; it is in fact the operating and maintenance crews, the plant management, engineers etc. who I trusted to keep me safe when I lived only a few short miles away [as I worked to return the favour as best I could].

    If you want to talk turkey... shoot. I'm fairly well versed about TMI-2 from an engineering and operations perspective... not too bad on Chernobyl either [considering we had in-depth and refresher training on both accidents every year, at every facility where I was qualified]. I have no doubt that someone can find some trivia on activity released on day ‘x’ of the event that will stump me – but prefer to discuss the general sequence of events, root and contributing causes etc. I’m happy to battle away at that so NNadir can focus his talents on more important debates as he mentions in his post.

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