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  •  Negative subsidies... (3+ / 0-)

    Nice work, as always JimHopf.

    Calling the PA act a subsidy is one of the oldest and dumbest canards used against the nuclear power industry. In nearly 50 years, the federal government has never shelled out a red penny to the nuclear power industry as a result of the PA act. The PA act absolves the industry of nothing and simply streamlines the settlement of claims in the event of an accident.

    The PA act was a brilliant piece of legislation. With the stroke of a pen, and at no expense to itself, the American federal government generated several billion dollars of annual revenue for itself and eliminated countless billions of dollars in environmental damage and health effects to the general public. The tax revenues paid by the nuclear power industry far, far exceed any "indirect" subsidies received under the guise of the PA act; when the antinukes can't actually come up with a cash flow, they say that the subsidies are "indirect" (e.g. Goldberg's REEP study).

    On the other hand, the taxes paid by industry are cold, hard, direct and easily counted. That's why I say that not only does the industry not get any subsidies, it actually gets negative subsidies.

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