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View Diary: Why is Obama getting "advice" from Colin Powell? (336 comments)

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  •  Obama is just a smart guy, smarter than you think (6+ / 0-)

    He is playing to the indies leaning GOPers.

    Smart move
    Annoying? Hell yes

    polin cowel is a coward ass licking bootlicker no different from his fellow opportunistic lackey genet teorge, he who sat behind the SecState in the UN as he lied through his teeth.

    The ex SecState isnt a bad man as such. He is not evil like darth the shooter.

    He is just fundamentally flawed. He has no spine, and very little 'vision'.

    He had the capacity to mobilize the goodwil towards him to stop or at least impede this war/occupation or at least alter the present dynamics.

    What did he say on Iran?

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