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View Diary: DOJ Pulls Muslim Texts From USA Prisons-Update (112 comments)

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  •  Was he insulted, or was he imprisoned? (0+ / 0-)

    Big difference.

    •  He was insulted AND (0+ / 0-)

      not allowed to live in certain neighborhoods, not allowed to join certain clubs and not allowed to pursue his livelihood without great sacrifice.  Remember, he was born in America in 1919.  I do believe that through the 1950's, the U.S. was a kind of prison for Jews, but then I grew up hearing they had horns and cloven feet, so what do I know?  As a small child, I literally looked for my new step-father's horns, for that was what I was taught by my thoroughly WASP biological father, along with jigaboo for black people and kike for jews.  I don't think my upbringing in rural south Jersey was so different from most Americans .. I just think I have a longer memory.

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