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View Diary: Breaking : Genarlow Wilson's sentence voided ! (412 comments)

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  •  The prosecutors in this need (9+ / 0-)

    a vacation, or to get laid, or a good whuppin'.

    Leave the kid alone, let him go live his life.  This is the legal consequence equivalent of the (over)reaction to a naked nipple.  

    I'm not saying statutory rape laws aren't necessary.  It's just these guys seem more like they're upset at the idea of teenagers having pee pees and vaginas (and using them) than they are outraged over "statutory rape".  They have discretion and they "blew" it.  (no pun intended but I avoided so many others I just let this one slide).

    He pissed them off by refusing to take the plea the other kids took.  And they're embarrassed now.  So they can't let go of it.  

    Let the kid go home.

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