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View Diary: Funding the blogosphere -- and fighting for fair elections (133 comments)

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    •  thank you for taking the issue seriously (8+ / 0-)

      I know, from speaking to several very wealthy and philanthropic-minded people in Los Angeles, that there is a general ignorance (mixed with dismissiveness) about the need to keep grassroots blogging alive. Frankly, they just don't get it.

      They may have read The Tipping Point, and even required their underlings to read it, too — cribbing from it tips on promoting their films and products, for example. Many of them even know that the blogs have been critical in tipping all of the important political changes of the last three years; they know there are bellwether bloggers who have pushed politics forward, galvanized opposition to the war, illuminated the details of the Plame case, won the House and Senate in 2006, etc., etc.

      But they seem to have a blind spot when it comes to understanding that the change in politics runs on a shoestring budget nad needs to be funded, and that it requires the support of individual bloggers—without that support, this glorious, unprecedented movement in popular democracy will collapse (as Chris Bowers points out).

      It is very welcome to have a Senator raise the issue, and actually be able to point to it online. Thank you, Senator Durbin.

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