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  •  Is element 2 subject to economically acceptable (4+ / 0-)

    oversight? I understand the concept, but it seems like a basket of fraud with no good (from a cost/benefit analysis) way to do oversight.

    Your plan has the advantage of being simple, but it doesn't addresss a lot of the ngo and corporate fundraising issues that I think will be hard to battle back down.  

    The other thing that it doesn't address, and I guess it is basically a separate issue, but it bothers me very much - is the issue of getting really candidate information and responsiveness to public questioning intrinsically interwoven into the funding process.  

    The televised debates tend to be a talking points joke.  It would be nice to have some "public Q & A" time as a requirment with expenditures.  Cap expenditures based on face time with constituents in OPEN settings (not $$/plate closed fundraisers) so after each spending benchmark, to move on the candidate has to be available for townhall type Q & A.  Something.  Anythign.  We just useless drivel from the media sponsored events.

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