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View Diary: Where is the voice? First shoot the debt collectors (41 comments)

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    I participated in at Daily Kos, not a huge number, I found this one most rewarding. Instead of merely letting off steam (and there is good reason to vent these days), I find here a true commitment to help, even caring, and some very specific and useful suggestions as to what might be done. Only I wish to see more discussion of why no voice? Where are the populist politicians? Obviously this should be a ready made cause.

    By the way I recall a scene from one of Michael Moore's first movies, in which debt collectors throw people and all their belongings on the side walk on Christmas Eve because they are late on the rent. Where was the voice?

    I am delighted that people want to remove violence from the language. Howeer we always allowed for it when there was clear literary purpose and the context was disapproving. Hard to see Othello (I just saw in the Globe) without any choking.

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