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View Diary: NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: Bush at 29% (83 comments)

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  •  People should be angry at NBC as well (3+ / 0-)
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          Brian Williams feigned suprise at the hostility found in the latest NBC/Wallstreet Journal poll. The outrage is to have his side kick bulldog faced Russert making comments on the political odds of democrats.  Russert seemed to be speaking with a muffled voice as if to demonstrate a mea culpa for feeding this anger for months with his appeasement of Republicans on his glorious show , Meet the Press.   It is an insult that keeps getting air time. The people need to direct their anger at the messengers that feed the anger, starting with Bush and media collaboration, or should I say complicity.  Matt Laur said that the Rather/ Moonves feud was a lose/lose situation?  Is that right, or is his timing at the time of the public's anger with the establismnent trying to deflect the attention to CBS AND Rather?  Or are the insiders in the media afraid if the public finally starts looking at them?  For the record, it is not a lose/lose situation but should have been done by media insiders for the last six years.  
       Another insult comes from Andrea Mitchell in reporting about the "big white elephant" embassy in Iraq built with abused labor, long after the building is nearly built.  Where were they when this monstrous building was being built?  The insults are par of the course for a media that is dysfunctional and criminal for its negligence of its investigative duty to this country.  They chose the Republicans in power and therefore should be held accountable for being on the losing side of America. They should be investigated for witholding the truth from the people, but they obviously won't police themselves. Tragedy of democracy is the only thing I can rant from the top of my smoke filled lungs.

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