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View Diary: Politico Continues To Make Up News: Updated (140 comments)

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    ...And what I wonder about the Politico is...why weren't they around during the 2006 election? They could've done more damage to us then, instead of appearing just this past January (I think that's when they appeared.)

    •  Well, perhaps they were in denial (1+ / 0-)
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      about their prospects for the '06 election, or felt that the Rove/DoJ machine would take care of it. When they realized how wrong they were, perhaps they scrambled to bring the Politico up to speed faster than originally planned. Plus, they didn't have a lot to work with back then due to "Macaca" and Foley. Even the most well-tuned propaganda machine wouldn't have been able to have squelched that perfect storm.

      Their incompetence is a fatal flaw that our side needs to exploit more often.

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        The Right-Wing Noise Machine still the sense that it prevented us from getting even more seats (I still believe that Tammy Duckworth and a few others would have won had it not been for their tricks). The robo-calls were also quite effective...which is why we need Congress to investigate them.

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