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View Diary: Keep Your Pants On!! Lessons from Judge v. Dry Cleaners: (28 comments)

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    I thought this was a reality based blog/community.  The Dry Cleaners undoubtedly have a general business liability policy and the insurer is picking up the tab for the defense.  Besides when I was in private practice I'd never charge more than $2K plus filing fees.  I'd take this assholes deposition and ask him endless questions about his alleged $54M in damages. The case would be over before the deposition was finished.

    •  The Chungs say otherwise. (1+ / 0-)
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      They have spent their life savings defending this case.  They have been harrassed incessantly since the incident, and of course, a mom-and-pop business can't operate very well with the principals off the premises in court.

      No mention of an insurer in any coverage I've seen.

      1. Withdraw. 2. Apologize. 3. Pay reparations. It's called Honor.

      by skwimmer on Fri Jun 15, 2007 at 03:26:48 PM PDT

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        NO attorney would have bothered to bring the case if they weren't insured.  Lawyers don't waste their valuable time fighting to break open people's piggy banks. They work for REAL money.

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