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  •  algteach, check it out when you get home... (3+ / 0-)

    and read my first comment where I have a Wiki to discuss this.

    I also have set up one to discuss "Assault on reason"  Since I am critical of the book I felt it would be a waste to make my point on this site. All I would get is abuse.

    I'm disappointed in the response to this PBS diary.  No one in the country caught the deceit on the voiceover that I described.  Even without the video, the text tells what happens.

    This is a valuable piece of information, that should be out there.  Yet, it is not making the rec list, and will not get a wide viewing.

    It's hard to separate ego from the larger goal, but in this case the point I made has value.  It is a damn shame it will be lost in the ether of cyberspace.

    But, I'm going to keep pimping since it is worth being seen.

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