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  •  Here's what the Catholic ex-DA did (2+ / 0-)
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    in his decades of refusals to do a damn thing.  See the tally at the end of this story from the Wisconsin Christian News -- and that is only a hint at the toll here:

    "Milwaukee Abortion Clinic Closes Permanently

    "On October 29, [2006,] the Summit Women’s Health Organization, an abortion clinic located at 530 N. Water St. in Milwaukee, closed its doors for good. The clinic has not declared any public reason for its shutting down, but since the year 2000, Missionaries to the Preborn has targeted the facility with daily pickets.  For the last five years, they have been there every day to offer help to the mothers as they approach the clinic. They have also frequently picketed the homes of the abortionists and the clinic workers.

    "Missionaries to the Preborn has also conducted investigations into the operating procedures of the Summit facility, and has publicized the malpractice lawsuits against the abortionists who worked there.
    From the early to mid-90’s, Summit was the scene of countless rescues where the Missionaries and other Christians blockaded the doors of the clinic to defend the helpless preborn from a grisly death. Hundreds were arrested [and hardly any prosecuted]. . . .

    "[Under Pastor Matt Trewhella,]Missionaries to the Preborn is a Christian Mission which was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1988. Since the Mission began, six of the eight abortion clinics in Milwaukee have closed down and the number of abortions committed in Wisconsin each year has dropped by over 50%. . . ."

    The early '90s assaults on the clinics by thousands from around the country were awful.  And we are older now -- some of us still bearing injuries from those days.  We will need clinic defenders again this summer.

    "Let all the dreamers wake the nation." -- Carly Simon

    by Cream City on Mon Jun 18, 2007 at 05:33:49 PM PDT

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