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View Diary: The WH Press Corps should just boycott the press conferences (248 comments)

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    Anyone know where there is a list of the WHPC?  Maybe they could use some encouragement....

    and a direct way to reach reporters individually. Newspapers are easy but very difficult to get e-mail addresses of TV reporters, have to go through corporate news websites (or corporate snail addresses with hardcopy letters). Tried a couple of years ago and could only find direct e-mail address for -- guess who? -- Helen Thomas (and yes, she wrote me back -- what a pro).

    I'd like to "encourage" WHPC to put down their steno pads and pick up their brains & courage and keep hammering on follow up questions until Tony melts like the witch in Wizard of Oz -- or not show up at all as 'clammyc' suggests. And in Bush "pressers" in Rose Garden, I'd love to see WHPC rebel against the seating chart and pre-arranged selection -- and walk out en masse, leaving "Him" standing there. Remember this exchange (rough approximation):

    "Sir . . . " said a reporter.
    You talking to me?" said Bush,  frowning.
    "Yes, sir."
    "What did you call me?"
    "Mr. President!"
    Bush smiles.  

    That disgusting display of arrogance put the WH press corps in their place and the entire country has been put in the same place. We can't control Tony Snow but we might affect the press corps members themselves. They stand for us, they stand in our place. If there's any way we can protest their passivity and acquiescence and light up their bravery, we should do it.

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