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View Diary: The WH Press Corps should just boycott the press conferences (248 comments)

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    Via Scarecrow's Post at FDL Glenn Greenwald wrote this commentary about the relationship of the media to the politicians.  He quoted Richard Cohen’s column, emphasizing this amazing quote by Cohen (discussing Libby, media, etc):

    "...This is not an entirely trivial matter since government officials should not lie to grand juries, but neither should they be called to account for practicing the dark art of politics. As with sex or real estate, it is often best to keep the lights off..."

    Greenwald’s analysis is worth a read—here’s another (snip):

    UPDATE: One other point worth making here, a point I make in A Tragic Legacy this way:
    The relationship between official Washington and the permanent Beltway media class has become infinitely closer and more cooperative than ever before. Rather than acting as adversarial to one another, the most powerful political officials in Washington and the most influential media stars are part of the same system and nearly all are abundant beneficiaries of it. Many elite national journalists are incentivized to protect and defend powerful political leaders with whom they so frequently interact and on whom they depend for their access and their "scoops."

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