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View Diary: "Mix my blood with the blood of the unborn" (244 comments)

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    Right next to this obvious terrorist group's re-enactment of terrorist acts, get a bunch of other groups together to do re-enactments of other terrorist acts, as street-theatre to juxtapose with the anti-abortion terrorists.

    For example one group could pretend to be Al Qaeda having a re-enactment of the WTC bombing.  Their little skit would include two replicas of the towers (large cardboard boxes of the type used to ship refrigerators would work for that purpose, if they were properly painted; along with model airplanes).  

    One group could re-enact the KKK burning a cross (don't set a real fire, use some kind of colored paper).

    One group could re-enact the 1970s leftie terrorist groups including their classic "we have no sense of humor so don't even think of laughing" rhetoric.

    You could even have a simulated sterotypical anarchist selling simulated stereotypical anarchist bombs (styrofoam sphere painted flat black, with a bit of red string coming out on one end to represent a fuse) as a fund-raiser.  

    Think of a few more to add to the amusing lineup.  

    Then what you have is a bunch of terrorist groups re-enacting their varioous attacks, all in a row.  

    Don't forget a chorus to stand behind the anti-abortion nutters and sing "Every Sperm is Sacred,"

    It would at the same time make the obvious comparison and also subject the anti-abortion crusaders to public ridicule, which will make their heads explode.  

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