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  •  And so many young women have no idea. (4+ / 0-)
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    The undergrads I teach really don't understand what they have to lose.  They get caught up in campus faith organizations that encourage them to "love Jesus" and don't think twice about the social implications of the organization's dogma.

    Sheesh.  To the extent that their faith traditions help them cope with the crises of young adulthood, I don't want to undermine that.  But I do have a heckuva time getting them to even begin questioning the lies they've been told all their lives about reproductive choice.

    •  You know, what's also interesting (1+ / 0-)
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      in reading this book is how one of the points the author makes is that life was better for women, on the whole, when Afghanistan was a Soviet puppet state.

      Makes you wonder how it got published. But it also makes you think about, possibly, what the political winds not only in the US but globally will do for or against the freedom of women.

      Every system has its propaganda. How do you combat that, and in particular, how do you combat that when we live in this culture (as demonstrated on this very site) of democratization of information? What's the balance on questioning authority?

      Difficult issues.

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