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View Diary: Abortion, the Movies, and the Politics of '08 (45 comments)

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  •  yep (11+ / 0-)

    welcome to a nascently renewed and soon to be full-throated debate -- the terms of which may very well change considerably. But even if they do not, the number of people more deeply engaged in the debate certainly will.

    •  don't you think those with the most invested (8+ / 0-)

      in helping women during their time of need :providers of abortion care, providers themselves , activists ,etc - those that have taken a back seat to anti choice rhetoric for far too long are the ones who should be framing the debate.
      These are the people with the most to say on the matter - these are the ones who know the stories of "every woman" .It is time for them to take front  and centre stage and talk the talk and walk  the walk .
      These new mediums are the ideal settings for getting the message out to a greater number of people .
      The anti's have been successful as they have the resourses to make their adgenda a full time job  ;they have kept up with technology and everything else  while the doctors, clinic workers etc. have been too busy taking great care of their patients and working at their day jobs.
      The internet and bloggin  in particular  is the perfect outreach vehicle  to get the message heard to many many more people for free- no cameras no expensive sets just the truth from those in the field.

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