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View Diary: Status Report of the Ontario Coal Phase Out. (194 comments)

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    but this is not evidence. Nowhere near the evidence required for such extraordinary claims. The Gulf War veterans were exposed to a range of complex chemicals and the extreme stress of the battlefield; blaming everything on DU is not only unfounded, it runs counter to the physics of the element and most importantly distracts from the search for the true source of their problems.

    Your quote from Hattie Nestel (who?) does nothing to convince me that Mangano is anything other than propagandist who picks natural fluctuations in illness to pretend that something is going on that is not. His alarmist claims has been assessed by numerous state medical authorities and have been found baseless on all occasions that I know of.

    The nuclear power industry has a safety record it can be proud of. Your gut opposition to nuclear power is forced to rely on bullshit for want of real arguments. Please try to separate military use of nuclear materials from civilian. The military uses would exist without any nuclear power sector.

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