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View Diary: Status Report of the Ontario Coal Phase Out. (194 comments)

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    It would seem that the both of you like to speak for all of DailyKos.

    Have you polled all of the members to discover this fact or only the members who agree with all of your opinions?

    I have been writing here for some time.   Overall my diaries tend to be technical in nature, and undoubtedly they appeal to a smaller cross section of the population here.  

    Let me introduce myself.   I am a technical nerd.   My name is NNadir and I try to write about energy in human terms.

    The people who engage me are often, but not always, people who are concerned with energy technology.  

    But you're right.  Now everybody knows who Turkana is.   He/she or it as certainly fully described himself/herself/itself here in this diary and if there was anyone who was unfamiliar with him/her/it, they are familiar now.

    Until a short time ago, I was blissfully unaware of her/him/it.   But now I have some insight.   He/she/it is a person who is unable to discuss coal phase outs, but who does turn out a platitude quite well.

    Note that if one had a plan to discuss coal phase outs that did not involve the use of nuclear energy, one would be free to offer it, but we can assume, now that we all know Turkana, that he, she or it that since Turkana has shown no interest whatsoever in offering a plan to phase out coal - and thus address climate change, an important issue to many Democrats, that she/he or it has no technical insights whatsoever about how to do it.

    She/he/it apparently believes that one's worth is determined sort of the way one determines the prom queen/king/royal being is determined, by popularity contests.   Maybe you agree.

    I don't know who you are, but if here's a recommend for you just in case you're running for the title prom king/queen/it yourself.

    I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance.   Welcome to a NNadir diary.   Can I get you anything?   Cookies?   Milk?   How about a nice cherry soda?

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