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View Diary: Homicide the No. 1 cause of death for pregnant women (150 comments)

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  •  She has the chance? (1+ / 0-)
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    to eliminate the pregnancy they both had equal
    chances to prevent?  What planet are you on?
    We're talking about the elimination of legal and safe abortion care- the outlawing of safe care and the doctors who provide it.  Please dialogue on this topic.

    •  Just a p.s. We're on the same side on this. (0+ / 0-)

      I do not want to eliminate the right of women to abort, up until the time of proven potential viability.  That's when the potential for abortion to morph into murder comes into play (crap, it is hard to type when cat is in lap.  This is killing my shoulders!)  I'm a progressive liberal, but I also believe we need to reach a workable consensus with those who disagree, and I also have a problem with the state either taking life or permitting the taking of life.  It's the idealist in me- I won't let it happen again...

      But there is a major problem in this nation, about the ability to receive high-quality health care throughout the entire nation.  You can't get an abortion, if the local doctors refuse to perform it based on their own moral preferences.

      And just like I can't force someone to do something against their will, I can't force a doctor to perform a procedure he/she's morally opposed to, providing that he/she will perform the same procedure to someone else.  (For the record, I can force a pharmacist to dispense prescribed drugs because he's not performing anything more personal than taking something from one bottle into another.  If he's got a problem with that, he should change jobs...)

      So we are really moving again into another topic- availability not just of abortion, but of simple medicine.

      •  This is too much of a cop out Dcoronata (1+ / 0-)
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        and besides since you have cats you have got to get this!

        Abortion care needs to be universal FIRST for many reasons.  First it is easy to provide, and very safe and low cost.  Second, it solves so many health issues down the road for many, many women.  Women with high blood pressure and diabetes can abort safely if they need to and the aren't forced into high  risk situations that jeapordize their health and possibly livelihood. And are expensive for the system.  Try continuing to work everyday with a pregnancy that is sending your blood pressure off the charts.  And we must not forget the little ones waiting at home for mom after she gets off work.  

        The point is that universal access to abortion care will do so much to improve the health of women and it will make families stronger.  We need to do this first because abortion care is a basic human right being denied women.

        It is the right thing to do and is within our power in our lifetime.

        We can do so much with so little.  So I stand by my universal abortion care premise! We must address this now.  The provision of care has been ravaged in the last decade and women and families are suffering.  We can do something to change this.

        Thank you for caring Dcoronata! This has been a good discussion.  And in keeping with this diary, I do believe a woman must decide where, when AND WITH WHOM SHE CAN BEAR A CHILD because to require her to continue a pregnancy with a man she knows is abusive is putting her in harms way...SO in the name of JUSTICE women deserve abortion care as an act of self defense.  Which could be another diary!

      •  and we can get the doctors (1+ / 0-)
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        have you ever heard of Medical Students for Choice?

        We do need to stop the ban on public monies.  We need to teach abortion care in all medical schools...because it is not that medical students don't want to learn abortion care, IT IS THAT IT IS NOT OFFERED AND BANNED, BANNED IN SOME STATES!

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