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View Diary: Homicide the No. 1 cause of death for pregnant women (150 comments)

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    why is it so shocking to men when you suggest to them that the state should have some control over their body?  I make that point to see exactly how outraged men will get and I am never disappointed. Hypocrisy much? Wow! In fact having a vasectomy is a MUCH less invasive, much less dangerous and carries much less serious life long consequences than forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term when she does not want to.

    And the idea that 18 weeks is the point of viability in any but the most unusual of circumstances is ludicrous.  But feel free to make up you own set of facts.

    You made your own point about yourself.  You couldn't wait to try and make this about your libertarian point of view.  To you it's not about why would men murder the women who are carrying their children, it is about them being forced to take care of their responsibilities.    You think that if they are not ready they should not be forced to pay child support.  Children have no rights and the state has no right to interfere. Buddy, you brought my scorn on yourself.

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