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  •  As a former teacher, (0+ / 0-)

    you realize that there need to be boundaries and there are constructive ways to confront issues.  The relationship between teachers and students is not quite the same as the relationship between other citizens.  You are an authority figure and you have the right to establish certain rules for the sake of the students, the material you need to present, and the learning environment.  

    In a more philosophical vein, I would argue that you do a disservice to the true dissidents out there by allowing sloppy, cheap rhetoric to be glorified over a well-crafted argument in favor of an unpopular position.  In this sense, the student is really still being fostered by his principal and his teachers.  So it is more acceptable for these authority figures to apply rules which may at times seem to be at odds with broader societal norms.  

    You can make a student spit out their chewing gum.

    So I guess my answer is that it is a question of place, time and, yes, the quality of the argument being presented.  Of course I would never admit to this publicly.

    •  agree there should be boundaries (0+ / 0-)

      I totally agree that there needs to be some boundaries in the student-teacher relationship but in this case:

      1. Joseph Frederick was 18 years old at the time the incident occurred
      1. The incident occured across the street from school property


      1. The banner in question was not obscene (in other words it could be seen on TV and not be bleeped out or covered up with a black bar)

      The funny thing about this whole thing is that the principal managed by his or her own ineptitude to get the banner seen by the entire world by suspending the student.  I'm actually curious to see what students do and do not get suspended for in that high school.  I wonder what a student gets for cheating or for hate speech (using racial epitaths).  My guess is that in our 'protect the children from drugs at all costs' mentality, cheating or hate speech is just considered not as bad.

      my 2 cents.

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