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View Diary: Nooses, attacks and jail for black students in Jena Louisiana (66 comments)

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  •  The Article Said there Was a 'Series' of Fights.. (10+ / 0-) how is it that these kids were singled out for prosecution ?  Why do they deserve to be in jail while other kids involved in fights are walking the streets ? What I'm reading is selective prosecution.  If these kids deserve to be in jail, then there are a WHOLE BUNCH of other kids who should have been prosecuted too.  The prosecutor made himself clear that the BLACK kids would be locked up for life.  I'm MOST concerned with a prosecutor who announces that black kids will be locked up for life while white kids are given free license to harass and assault as they like.

    •  To me it sounded like (2+ / 0-)
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      snakelass, yoduuuh do or do not

      the results of this fight were more severe than those of past incidents.

      While the trial seems to have been carried out poorly, the incident itself sounds like it deserves to be prosecuted, albeit not for murder.

    •  Series of fights (2+ / 0-)
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      mrblifil, lemming22

      The white kid who assaulted a black student at a party was charged with assault and battery. Where these kids initially charged with a much harsher crime then they otherwise would have been because they were black? Probably. But they still committed a hienous crime and belong in jail.

      I have zero sympathy for them, our jails are filled with people guilty of victimless crimes, (prostitution, drugs, some statutory rape cases, etc.), and non-violent criminals like car thieves. My sympathy is for people who are in jail for drug crimes or prostitution, not with violent criminals who assualt innocent people for no reason.

      •  Ok, but how do you know it was for no reason? (2+ / 0-)
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        snakelass, DSPS owl

        Because the DA said these were the guys? Because the DA said that this person wasn't involved in the assault of black students?

        The DA and the judge are saying that nooses, racially motivated assaults and racial intimidation have nothing to do with this case. How do they know? There have been no investigations other than the one done by the DA who had warned black kids that if they did anything they'd be put away for life?

        I agree that there should be justice, but I don't know how anyone knows what that is considering who is handling this incident.

        •  Guilty (0+ / 0-)

          Well one of the students has already been convicted, not to mention the basic facts of the case where never challenged by the defense as far as one can tell from the articles. No alternative scenario was ever presented, no allegations of any provocation, etc. Nothing to question the idea that these guys beat the crap out of a random person for no reason. And people who do that belong in jail.

          Yeah I know their 17, but 17 is old enough to know the consequences of your actions.

          •  Wow, (4+ / 0-)

            so a black kid with a really bad lawyer gets convicted by an all-white jury and that's all you need to determine that he was guilty?

            Sorry, but I'll listen to the reports from impartial observers before I jump to those conclusions:

            • There can be little doubt that a white student was assaulted by several black students at Jena High School on December 4, 2006.  However, conflicting eye witness statements make it extremely difficult to determine the number of participants or the identity of the alleged assailants with any degree of certainty.  
            • It is virtually certain that at least one of the alleged assailants was not near the scene of the fight. Most of the students accused of participating in the assault deny involvement.

            Alan Bean, Friends of Justice

            there was conflicting testimony from witnesses as to whether the initial attacker was Bell and whether that attacker was wearing a green hooded jacket or a red shirt.

            Times Picayune

            There is nothing settled about this case, regardless of what the all-white jury decided.

            •  All white jury (0+ / 0-)

              Every single news source you cited, none of them brought up a single question about the defendants guilt. Even the parents admit their kids beat this kid, " was a fight..." etc.

              The statement from Alan Bean about conflicting eyewitness accounts is unsourced, in other words totally unverifiable. Once again all the news accounts I read, BBC, Town Talk, etc. none mention the defense presenting any alternative as to where the defendants were.

              Not to mention that the incident itself occured in front of dozens of people and none of the witnesses directly contradicted the prosecution that Bell was there. In other words no eye-witness came forward and said I saw everyone who participated and Bell was not one of them. Four witnesses positively identified Bell as the one who first hit the victim.

              Now as for the important part about the all white jury, the implication being the jury was not acting in good faith. In recent years southern juries have convicted white supremacists of killing civil rights activists in old cases where huge amounts of time had passed. Frankly I think the jury deserves some credit, even though they should be viewed with skepticism.

              One final note: I don't view any jury verdict as definitive evidence that a person is guilty, but in this case when wieghed with the evidence, and the fact that the crime occured in public, it seems hard to believe that these guys are anything but guilty.

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